Lost Sheep Radio

Lost Sheep Radio premier interview with Student Min Nuri Muhammad as he discusses “Health, Wealth & Violence” part I. Interviewers: Mustapha & Lady X of Lost Sheep Radio.

Dr. Wesley Muhammad takes us further into his personal research on the Founder of the Nation of Islam, Master Fard Muhammad. Very intriguing & detailed discussion. Enjoy!

An intense discussion with Min Ava Muhammad about very interesting issues surrounding the Black family… One of the most intense shows on Lost Sheep Radio…. TUNE iN! Listen & Enjoy~


Social Media Guru for the Nation of Islam discusses some of his initial dilemmas, inspiration and drive to put the N.O.I and the Hon Min Louis Farrakhan on the Social Networks… Enjoy!~

Sis Betty Muhammad, Assistant to the Most Hon Elijah Muhammad and the Hon Min Louis Farrakhan, discusses her book “Dear Holy Apostle” as well as her experiences with the wise men of God… Interesting & intriguing discussion. Enjoy~!

Bro Capt Dennis Muhammad, founder of The Peacekeepers Global Initiative, shares his insight into THE TIME as well as the need for Peace to bring us together in unity to bring about a change… Tune iN. Tune uP. Truth uP. Enjoy!~

Lost Sheep Radio interviews International Representative for the Nation of Islam, Student Min Akbar Muhammad, about foreign affairs and more information for those who would like to relocate to the Caribbean, Africa and the World~

Public Enemy’s Professor Griff updates us on the true nature of the current music industry and how it impacts our young people. He presents the history of Hip Hop and his personal mission to expose the truth of the music and his dedication to helping the get all people on a righteous mission to be themselves!~ Enjoy~

Hip Hop Extraordinary Artist, Jasiri X, discusses the dilemmas found in the current trends of Hip Hop and the Solutions to achieving an entire Cultural Revolution~! Enjoy~

An intriguing discussion on various topics with our beloved Centenarian, Min Lucius Bey, the “dean of Ministers” under the Most Hon Elijah Muhammad. Listen to the wisdom of time & learn more about your self to love! Enjoy!